Texas CIT

Above (left to right) Sergeant Scott Soland, CIT Coordinator, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Chair of the Texas CIT Association Training Committee; Ann MacLeod, Program Director, The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD, Secretary of the Texas CIT Association; Officer Rebecca Skillern, Trainer, Houston Police Department Mental Health Division, President of the Texas CIT Association.



The Texas Crisis Intervention Team (TCIT) Association held its inaugural conference in San Antonio April 3-4, 2014. Law enforcement and mental heatlh personnel from across the state attended. The keynote speakers were Doctors Fred and Penny Frese. The following are pictures of the conference.


Dr. Fred Frese

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Frederick J. Frese, Ph.D. is a psychologist who has specialized in the area of schizophrenia for over 33 years. Diagnosed with the illness when he was 26, he has worked tirelessly as a practitioner and advocate for consumers and their families.

Thirty years ago, he was locked up in an Ohio mental hospital, dazed and delusional, with paranoid schizophrenia. Twelve years later, he had become the chief psychologist for the very mental hospital system that had confined him!

In 1999 Fred received the Hildreth Award, the American Psychological Association’s highest honor. He is also on the board of Scientific Advisors for Schizophrenia Bulletin, for which he reviews articles, as he does for Psychiatric Services, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Schizophrenia Digest, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Frese has lectured widely on the subject of schizophrenia, the evolution of his illness, treatment, and recovery.

Dr. Penny Frese

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Penny is active in the mental health movement, presenting throughout the U.S. and Canada. She, her husband Fred, and their family have been featured on national television. Penny is the producer of an award-wnning video on children’s depression, called Claire’s Story. Most children with depression can be treated successfully with medication, Penny says. “The disturbing thing is I see lots of children like my children who are not getting help,” she says. Penny, who has a doctorate in comparative arts and teaches theater at Kent State University, urges all parents to be aware of their children’s behaviors and to get the help they need.

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(Above) Registration for the conference

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(Above) Senior Corporal Herb Cotner

Sr. Corporal Herb Cotner is the CIT Coordinator of the Dallas Police Department and vice president of the Texas CIT Association. Herb is also vice president of NAMI Dallas. Herb has trained over 1,650 Dallas police officers in CIT. Herb co-taught the first class on “Why We Are Here” with Sherry Cusumano.

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(Above) Sherry Cusumano, MS, RN, LCDC

Sherry has worked in provision of treatment and care for persons with alcoholism, substance use disorders, and psychiatric disorders since 1977. She is currently the Executive Director of Community Education and Clinical Education for Green Oaks Hospital in Dallas. Sherry also serves as President of NAMI Dallas. Sherry co-taught the first class on “Why We Are Here” with Senior Corporal Herb Cotner.

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(Above) Participants engaged in the presentations

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(Above) Dr. Jeffery C. Metzger, MD, FACEP

Dr. Metzger serves as Medical Director for the Dallas Police Department where he oversees the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program and is a Tactical Physician for the DPD SWAT. He has responded to more than 1500 SWAT operations. Dr. Metzger is also on staff at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Metzger presented on Excited Delirium.

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(Above) Senior Officer Doug Anders and Program Director Ann MacLeod, LPC-S, NCC

Senior Officer Doug Anders is a 33-year veteran of  the Houston Police Department. Doug is assigned to Houston’s  Mental Health Division where he worked with Houston City Council to pass the city’s first-ever Boarding Homes Ordinance. Doug oversees a new Boarding Homes Enforcement Detail out of the Mental Health Division. Doug has also worked with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to provide training to law enforcement personnel across the nation on Alzheimer’s Disease. Doug has presented at several national and regional law enforcement and mental health conferences.

Ann MacLeod is the Program Director for the master-level licensed clinicians on the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT) programs. She is employed by The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD in Harris County, Texas. Ann has a lengthy history in the mental health field. Her experience includes assisting with legislative rules to face-to-face contact with clients. Ann has presented at international, national, and regional behavioral health and law enforcement conferences.

Doug and Ann presented a class titled “Care Homes 101”

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(Above) Senior Officer Frank Webb, M. Ed.

Senior Officer Frank Webb is a 33-year veteran of the Houston Police Department where is he assigned to the Mental Health Division as senior trainer. Frank helped develop and implement Houston’s CIT program and served as CIT Coordinator from the program’s inception in 1999 to 2005. Frank has presented at several law enforcement and mental health conferences across the state and nation. Frank presented a class on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

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(Above) Sergeant A. D. Paul

Sergeant A. D. Paul, of the Plano Police Department, has over 26 years of experience in law enforcement. He has taught CIT classes for the Dallas Police Department for the past four years. He is certified in numerous training courses and is a NAMI Collin County board member. Sergeant Paul taught a class called “Special Needs CIT.”

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(Above left to right)  Officer Rebecca Skillern; Sherry Cusumano; Jennifer Sublett; MaryAnn Niles. Sherry, Jennifer and MaryAnn are with Green Oaks Hospital. Green Oaks generously sponsored the keynote speakers Dr. Fred and Dr. Penny Frese. President Brown presented them with a gift in appreciation of their sponsorship.



The Texas CIT Association held their second annual conference in South Padre Island April 30 – May 2, 2015. The following are some highlights of the conference.



Behavioral Health Professional Award

(Above left to right) Officer Rebecca Skillern, President of the Texas CIT Association, presents the Behavioral Health Professional Award to Ann MacLeod, LPC-S, NCC. Ann is the program director of the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Intervention Response Team clinicians.


Award of Excellence

Senior Police Officer Frank Webb, of the Houston Police Department, received the Award of Excellence for his work developing Houston’s CIT program and for providing CIT training to personnel across the state since the late 1990s.

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Mr. George Parnham

(left to right) South Padre Island Mayor Bharat “Barry” Patel, Mr. George Parnham, South Padre Island Chief of Police Randy Smith. Mayor Patel and Chief Smith cut Mr. Parnham’s necktie off stating there is a city ordinance against wearing neckties on the island. Mr. Parnham was the Luncheon Plenary Speaker.


Dr. Lucy Puryear

Dr. Puryear was the Opening Plenary Speaker. She is Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and is the Medical Director of the Women’s Place Center for Reproductive Psychiatry. She is also the co-director of the Menopause Center at Texas Children’s Pavillion for Women.


Awards Luncheon