Web Links                                                                                             Phone Number

Houston Police Emergency                                                                             9-1-1

Houston Police Department (non-emergency)              713-884-3131

The Harris Center Helpline and Crisis Line                      713-970-7000

Ben Taub Psychiatric Unit                                                           713-874-2446

NeuroPsychiatric Center (NPC)                                              713-970-4640

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team                                                    713-970-7520

Veteran’s Administration Mental Health                           713-791-1414

Teen Crisis Hotline                                                                           713-529-8336

Suicide Prevention Lifeline                                                           800-784-2433

Rape Crisis Hotline                                                                            844-303-7233

Alzheimer’s Association of Houston                                       800-272-3900

Mayor’s Citizen’s Assistance Office                                        832-393-0955

Mental Health America                                                                  713-523-8963

National Alliance on Mental Illness                                         713-970-4419

Council on Recovery Houston                                                    713-942-4100

Arc Greater Houston (IDD and Disabilities)                       713-957-1600

Montrose Counseling Center                                                      713-529-0037

Houston Recovery Center                                                            713-236-7800

Parent’s Guide to Suicide Prevention (Accredited Schools Online)