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Main Contacts

If you have an emergency, please call 911.

If you would like a police response for something that is not an emergency but needs a patrol response, please call the HPD non-emergency number: 713.884.3131.  Incidents clearly involving the mentally ill will be flagged by our call takers for patrols officers that have been trained in the 40 hour Mental Health Officer course.

To reach the Mental Health Division about general concerns about a person or situation involving mental illness that does not require an immediate police response, contact us at:


To reach us about people experiencing homeless that you would like our team to reach out to, contact us at:

or contact us by email about any other mental health related concern:




Captain Bill Staney



Lieutenant Patrick Plourde                  


Administrative Sergeant

Sergeant Robin Nassif                                                                                      


Investigative Sergeant

Sergeant Angelica Sanchez


Boarding Homes Enforcement Detail

Officer Vince Johnson

Officer Jason Llorente


Chronic Consumer Stabilzation Initiative

Officer Leon Moulton


Crisis Intervention Response Team

Sergeant Norris Groves

Sergeant Joseph Ramirez

Sergeant Julio Silva



Officer Merry Egras


Homeless Outreach Team

Sergeant Steve Wick

Officer Janice Terry

Officer Karan Dhooper                                                   

Officer Colin Mansfield                                            

Officer Gerardo Alaniz                                                  

Officer John Vogelsang                                                                                 


General Investigations

Officer Kyle McCauley

Officer Kathryn Vogelsang          


Training/Learning Site

Officer Rebecca Skillern

Officer David Rose