CIT Ofc of Year


(Above left to right) Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Senior Police Officer David Walker, Houston Acting Chief of Police Martha Montalvo.

Senior Police Officer David Walker


Senior Police Officer David Walker of the Northwest Division received the CIT Officer of the Year Award in May 2016. David has been involved in the CIT program since its inception in 2000. He has acted as a role player, role play facilitator, and has taught officers to be role players and facilitators. He has also participated in focus groups that decided on the content of CIT refresher classes. He has been one of the department’s most active CIT officers and has been our “go to” officer for riding with the media for stories on our CIT program.

Officer Walker has responded to numerous CIT calls over the years. One recent example is a call involving a man threatening to jump off the eighth floor of a parking garage. The man, who was drinking beer and had a pocket knife in his hand, told Officer Walker that he was depressed and suicidal because he could not find employment as he was a felon and that his father had said his birth was a mistake.

As Officer Walker talked with him, the man stabbed himself in his leg and made superficial cuts on his wrists. Officer Walker patiently listened and engaged the man in conversation, assuring him that he, Officer Walker, was there to help. After several tense minutes, David successfully talked the man down. He was taken to the hospital by the Houston Fire Department and placed on emergency detention.