Third Quarter

(left to right) Senior Police Officer Frank Webb; Ms. Alice Brink, President, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Greater Houston;  Police Officers Shawn Bradley and Caleb Runge

Officers Bradley and Runge were dispatched to a suspicious event call. The call slip stated a man at the location had posted a threat to harm himself on a social media site.

The officers arrived at the location but received no response at the door. They went to the back of the business and found a door partially off its hinges. They obtained authorization to enter and found the office in disarray. Continuing on they heard music and voices coming from a door leading to the warehouse area of the business. They entered into a gymnasium and saw a man standing on a ladder speaking with someone on the phone. Attached to the ceiling of the gymnasium were nylon bands for gymnastic rings which the man wrapped around his neck twice.

As the officers entered the man stepped off the ladder attempting to hand himself. Officers Bradley and Runge immediately rushed to him grabbing his legs and waist to hold him up. The man resisted, trying to kick them and push them away. A sergeant assisted them by cutting the bands that were wrapped around the man’s neck. The man fell to the floor where he continued to struggle with the officers. Due to his muscular build, it took all three officers to subdue him. It was later learned the man was distraught due to marital problems.