Second Quarter

 Sp Forces LR Group 3-1


Pictured above (left to right)

Senior Police Officer Frank Webb; Ms. Alice Brink, President, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Greater Houston; Senior Police Officer Roland Benavides .

Senior Police Officer Roland Benavides received a disturbance call. Upon arriving, Officer Benavides talked with a mother who stated she and her 12-year-old daughter had been arguing and her daughter locked herself  in her bedroom. Officer Benavides went to talk with the daughter but she would not unlock the door. Through the door the daughter said she didn’t want to be here anymore and wanted to die. While trying to get the daughter to unlock the door, Officer Benavides heard her gasping for air. Officer Benavides was about to force entry when the mother found the key. Upon entering, Officer Benavides found the girl with an electrical chord wrapped around her neck. The girl was pulling on the chord in an attempt to suffocate herself. Officer Benavides grabbed her arms and removed the chord. He then transported her to the Neuropsychiatric Center for emergency mental health evaluation.

A couple of months later Officer Benavides saw the mother and daughter. The daughter was vivacious and laughing and “acting like a kid.” She thanked Officer Benavides for helping her through her episode.